Long Time, No See

Time is an interesting concept. Especially when it involves blogging. I'm doing my best to keep a promise I always tell myself about writing more and jotting down my thoughts. I need it a lot more now a days. I want to continue my blogging and my journaling this year.

Life lately has been incredibly amazing and stressful all at once.

First of all, I have been working as a nurse for about a year and a half now. Needless to say, I am so ready to go back to school. Floor nursing is definitely not the calling for me. I find this field of work enjoyable and annoying all at once. I like my co-workers and that is about it. I find that no one is really for nurses and their safety, specifically patient safety and acuity. But that is a rant for another post.

Second, I'm officially a married lady! 6 months into marriage and things are amazing. My husband currently works in downtown Chicago but has recently decided he wants to go into the medical field like he originally planned on before being diagnosed with Chrons Disease. So school is on the menu for us at the time being.

Third, I've been dealing with an ongoing sinus infection and finally was able to see an ENT doctor today. According to him, I've had a sinus infection for about 4 months that has not gone away. My menu consists of antibiotics and a steroid for the next 10 days until I see him again in 2 weeks. Hopefully this works!

And that is all my updates for the time being! I will update again soon!

❤️ Jess


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