Today marks the remainder of only 24 days until graduation for me! I should be cracking down on the books for my last few tests, quizzes, and papers of my college career and yet I find myself snapchatting my friend who just had a wisdom tooth extraction and spending way too much time on Pinterest. I have no regrets.

I have never really counted down to a specific time in my life just because I have always felt these things were just nagging little numbers in my face day after day, torturing me. And yet again, here I am torturing myself. I even have some of these little annoying timers down to the second... Side note, fiance comes home in exactly 23 days, 22 hours, 46 minutes and 30 seconds as I type this. I wonder, sometimes, what the meaning of time really, truly is. I recall a discussion about this from my 6th grade science class in which a substitute teacher attempted to have this conversation with twenty 12 year olds, just think about how that one went...

But really what is time? Is it a measurement in which we base life goals and to do lists or something in which God gives us to fulfill all of the things in which we have been sent to do? Time is a gift! The only thing that gets in the way of time for me is scheduling things within it. Of course, school (for now) and work have this nagging need to work their way in but the rest is mine to do with as I please. So, how to I spend it? Wisely, I hope (no worries my fellow Pinterest addicts, I am right there up on the list with you in scrolling through that newest recipe on there). But I want to be able to do more with my time. I want to have the time to spend on actually DOING those projects I scroll through so often.

Alot of this mumbo jumbo about time has to do with priorities. What is important to you? I am a bad offender of this especially, my procrastination devil that sits on my shoulder always leads me astray from what I am really trying to do.

So this week, I am setting a goal for myself to make sure I am putting into time what I want back from it. So, will you join in on the countdown to time priority?

P.S. I'll share a little snippit of my day. Today was my Senior Showcase in which my project partner and myself had to present and show off our awesome poster skills to the nursing faculty, staff, family, and friends. Our project was on Psychiatric Patient Safety and Education in the Emergency Room at one of the local hospitals around our area. We had a wonderful time doing the project and learned even more than we already knew about safety measures that need to be taken with our psych patients,not only in the emergency room but in community settings, as well.


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